In 1990, Marilyn Phillips began her company, Loren Interiors, a full service design firm working in new construction, remodeling, and redecorating homes in Houston, Texas. The name was inspired by her father, Lorenzo, and her new born daughter, Loren.

Marilyn had the privilege of training under and assisting her mother-in-law, well known designer, Betty Lou Phillips before going out on her own.

She has been honored to work with many talented architects on projects mostly in Texas, but also in Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, Connecticut, and Virginia.

Ellen Santa Maria, Marilyn's sister, is an invaluable partner on all projects. Ellen's background is in fine arts with a masters degree in print making / sculpture. Having a passion for all things handmade, Ellen uses her artistic talent to make unique hand made tiles which have been used over the years in many of their client's homes.

Mabry Mueller joined Loren Interiors in 2017 after graduating from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. She works as Marilyn’s Design Assistant – assisting on all projects. Mabry works on the architectural drawings, design presentations, and accessorizing client’s homes.

Loren Interiors has been traveling to markets in France and Spain for 15 years buying select items for their projects. They also search for new resources and artists in other U.S. markets including NYC, Atlanta, and LA.

The Design Firm enjoys creating livable spaces and keeping the soul of their client's in mind. They have a love and education for all things reclaimed and recycled, appreciating the history of antiques and textiles.

Mixing the old with modern art and design while creating interiors that reflect their clients passions and lifestyle is a challenge they enjoy. With a respect for architecture, they work to create interiors that reflect the integrity of the home.

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